Investing in a premium protein powder is by no means a fad: these products, although more expensive than regular powders, contain fewer artificial ingredients, and are generally easier to digest and free of allergens.

Protein supplements have been proven to regulate the appetite and cut the cravings for sugar, to boost the metabolic rate and support weight loss when incorporated in a balanced diet. The table below includes our favorite premium protein powders for weight loss.

Sacrificing your health is not an option; you want to fuel your body with the cleanest ingredients. With so many options to choose from, picking the best organic (premium) protein powder can be challenging. We’ve simplified that for you: we’ve hand selected our Top 5 Picks.

Jay Robb Whey Protein Powder1. Jay Robb Whey Isolate

The Jay Robb Whey Isolate is an all-natural product, with no artificial additives and pure protein isolate, made up of cold-processed, cross-flow microfiltered whey.

Profile and applications

It contains 0 grams of fat, 0 grams of sugar and 1 gram of carbs, its profile being one of the purest on the market. The addition of carbs is beneficial here, as post-workout your body needs not just proteins, but carbohydrates as well, so this powder really offers the perfect blend for weight loss, muscle growth and recovery.

The powder works great as meal replacement, as it’s fulfilling, doesn’t cause spikes in blood sugar levels so it’s good for reducing the cravings for sugar, and provides a small amount of minerals, like calcium, potassium and sodium. It has no cholesterol, but it’s loaded with 18 amino acids, being a healthy addition to a balanced diet.

Being made with whey isolate, the Jay Robb powder is efficient in boosting energy levels and can be used before or after a workout, or during the day, for preparing shakes or even as ingredient for protein-rich recipes.

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Ingredients’ quality, taste and mixability

It’s sweetened with stevia, so it doesn’t have artificial sweeteners like aspartame or other such ingredients. Also, it doesn’t have gluten, it’s free of MSG and in most cases it’s also free of rBGH. In other words, it’s an excellent powder, a top quality natural product and it tastes fantastic, being one of the most delicious powders on the market.

Both the chocolate and vanilla powders have a natural, pleasant taste, and not the chemical, artificial flavor of low-quality powders. Also, it has no aftertaste, and the mixability is incredible as well, whether you use water, milk or juice. But honestly, it would be a shame to mix this powder with any other fluid that water, as the powder is too pure to alter its taste and composition.


One of the purest, leanest and healthiest powders on the market
No artificial sweeteners
Mostly free of rGBH
Excellent taste and mixability
High quality whey isolate
Good for weight loss and muscle gain


Not always rGBH-free
Some say it’s too sweet
Not for vegans

Despite its excellent formula, the Jay Robb Whey Isolate is less renowned than other powders, maybe because the producer isn’t as known as ON or BSN. However, it’s rated 8.9/10 on and 4.3/5 on

Verdict? A top protein powder with excellent macro profile, excellent taste and virtually free of artificial ingredients, genetically modified compounds and sweeteners.

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Our rating: 9/10

Bluebonnet Whey Protein Isolate2. Bluebonnet Whey Isolate

Made with whey isolate obtained from grass-fed cows, the Whey Protein Isolate from Bluebonnet is free of antibiotics and rBGH, and contains no BST (bovine somatotropin), so it’s free of hormones, pharmaceuticals and pesticides.

Profile and applications

The Bluebonnet Whey Isolate has a pretty clean profile, with 26 grams of protein per serving, 0 sugar, 0 fat and 1 gram of carbs per scoop. Each serving provides 116 calories, being an excellent pre- and post-workout supplement as well as a trustful ally if you’re trying to lose weight.

Sweetened with stevia extract, the powder is mostly natural, the only ingredient that could be labeled as “less healthy” being the non-GMO soy-lecithin. Highly bioavailable and easy to digest, this product is perfect for beginners who aren’t used with the typical protein powder flavor.

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Ingredients’ quality, taste and mixability

The powder is loaded with nutrients, providing 110 mg of calcium, 20 mg of magnesium, 60 mg of phosphorus and 250 mg of potassium per serving, plus a significant amount of amino acids (BCAA’s) and glutamic acid. It’s made of pure whey isolate and has a mild, clean and very pleasant taste.

Mixability isn’t its top characteristic, as although it does blend extremely well with water, milk and almond milk, it’s less impressive than the Jay Robb powder from this point of view. No aftertaste, and thanks to its milder flavor, you can incorporate the powder into recipes and fruit juices, without altering their taste.


Sweetened with stevia
Very clean profile and few ingredients
No chemicals or artificial flavors, no hormones and no pesticides
Obtained from whey isolate extracted from grass-fed cows
Milder flavor compared to other powders, mixes nicely even with juice fruits


On the pricey side
Mixability good but not the best
Not for vegans

The Bluebonnet Whey Protein Isolate, Natural Flavor is rated 4.4/5 on

Verdict? One of the cleanest powders on the market, organic, with a very good taste and a very simple and pure composition (only 3-4 ingredients, depending on flavor).

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Our rating: 9.5/10

Warrior Food Protein Supplement3. Warrior Food Extreme Vanilla Plus

Raw, organic and perfect for vegans, the vanilla version of Warrior Foods’s protein powder is not just extremely healthy, but tasty as well. A great product for weight loss and muscle gain, helps in regulating the appetite and combats hunger pangs through its satiating profile.

Profile and applications

This high quality protein has a clean profile, providing 18 g of protein per serving, and no artificial sweeteners. A good source of complete protein, enriched with BCAA’s for performance and mass, the product fits any diet and lifestyle. Thanks to its composition, is excellently tolerated even by people with allergy or intolerance to milk and lactose.

The Warrior Food powder can be used before and after workouts, as ingredient for smoothies, shakes and food, and works great in enhancing energy levels, boosting immunity, stabilizing the blood sugar levels and repairing the damaged tissues. Also, does a nice job in reducing muscle soreness after workouts.

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Ingredients’ quality, taste and mixability

Perfect for a nutritious meal, this protein powder mixes well with all fluids, although it tastes best when prepared with water or almond milk. Not the best fit for fruit juices, and tends to taste more naturally in the chocolate version.

Otherwise, it’s prepared with pure ingredients extracted from plants, is non-toxic and free of hormones and genetically modified compounds. Also, has a nice micronutrient profile.


Organic, vegan and raw
Enhanced with enzymes and phytonutrients
Easy to absorb and highly bioavailable
Non-GMO plant protein
Sweetened with stevia, flavored with actual vanilla bean


Some say it has a slight chalk taste
Not the best fit for fruit juices

The Warrior Extreme Vanilla Plus is rated 4.8/5 on

Verdict? What I mostly love about this powder is its naturally enriched flavor, the product no artificial flavoring. It’s sweetened with stevia, so it might be slightly sweeter than other powders, but overall it’s a very clean, organic and vegan powder. Tastes a bit different than whey powders.

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Our rating: 9.0/10

Garden of Life RAW Protein4. RAW Organic Whey Protein

One of the purest formulas on the market, made with only 1 ingredient, a 80% whey protein concentrate, the RAW organic powder has no added sweeteners or preservatives and it’s probably one of the healthiest high quality products out there.

Profile and applications

Each serving provides 20 g of protein, 2 grams of carbs and 1 gram of fat, the powder being a good post-workout solution. It is also efficient before trainings and for recovery, and can be used for supporting weight loss as well, despite its content of sugar (2 g).

The powder is good for supporting joint health, a strong immune system and an optimal metabolic rate. It increases energy levels, enhances the glutathione production and ensures a balanced bacterial flora inside the digestive tract.

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Ingredients’ quality, taste and mixability

The protein powder is obtained from grass-fed cows and unlike other products, is processed at low temperatures, without acid treatment, being less likely to cause digestive issues even in people who are sensitive to lactose.

With no artificial flavors, the RAW Organic Whey Protein tastes a bit less sweet than other whey powders, but this is in fact an advantage, as you can mix it with water, almond milk, cow’s milk or fruit juice and prepare a tasty smoothie or shake with a clean taste. Mixability is good and ingredients are of highest quality.


Only 1 ingredient, 80% whey concentrate
Soy free, gluten free, hormone free (rBGH, rBST)
No artificial fillers or sweeteners
No antibiotics or genetically modified ingredients, no antibiotic tracks


2 grams of carbs, all of them sugar
Not suitable for vegans

The RAW Organic Whey Protein is rated 4.6/5 on

Verdict? The pure protein concentrate from RAW can be used for creamy and tasty post-workout drinks, as well as in protein-rich dishes, thanks to its clean profile and taste. It’s a complete protein that is good for weight loss and muscle gain, as well as for general use.

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Our rating: 9.5/10.

NOW Sports Certified Organic Whey Protein5. NOW Whey Protein Natural Unflavored, Organic

If you love smoothies and post-workout beverages made with protein powder, this product is probably one of the best, as it’s unflavored and can be mixed with fruit juices, almond milk, regular milk or coconut milk, resulting in a delicious and healthy beverage.

Profile and applications

One serving of this powder provides 19 grams of protein, 2 grams of carbs and 1 gram of fat. Although it doesn’t have the cleanest profile, the powder is still superior to regular whey powders made with artificial sweeteners and unnecessary chemicals, which add calories and make the products unsuitable for weight loss.

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Ingredients’ quality, taste and mixability

The powder blends easily, but tastes somehow grassy when mixed with water, so it works better with almond milk or regular milk. Works nice for smoothies and post-workout drinks, and provides only 100 calories per serving, so it’s a good product for weight loss.

Made with premium ingredients, it’s a good organic product with no tracks of hormones, pesticides, antibiotics or genetically modified ingredients.


All natural powder, with no aspartame, no sucralose or acesulfame-K
High quality ingredients
Free of rBGH and antibiotics
Unflavored, so it can be mixed with fruit juices without modifying their taste


Not the best taste by itself
Lower amount of protein per serving than other premium powders
Not for vegans

NOW Whey Protein Natural Unflavored, Organic powder is rated 9.5/10 on and 4.4/5 on

Verdict? A premium powder with a good profile, organic and free of hormones and chemicals, this protein supplement is ideal for weight loss and recovery shakes and smoothies. It’s a quality product, and has the advantage of being unflavored.

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Our rating: 9/10.

Does Premium Really Matter?

Because anything that goes inside your body affects all your organs, so even if protein supplements are designed mainly for keeping muscles healthy and helping with recovery and muscle gain, their action isn’t limited to muscle building and repairing.

A premium protein powder has a lower content of sweetener, and if you opt for organic, chances are you’ll get a high quality supplement with no added sweeteners. Products that are free of aspartame, refined sugar and artificial flavors are a lot healthier than those that provide unnecessary carbohydrates and artificial sweeteners.

The Benefits of Organic Protein Powder

Premium protein powders that are made with pure ingredients are less likely to cause digestive discomfort, are more bioavailable and easier to process once they get inside the body. They support a healthy digestion and instead of interfering with the absorption of nutrients, they enhance this process, boosting energy levels, strengthening your immune system and improving your overall health state.

Unlike regular powders, high quality ones don’t come with added flavors and colorants and are virtually free of any antibiotics, genetically modified compounds and hormones. This protects your nervous and endocrine systems, maintains proper immunity levels, and reduces the risk of developing certain forms of cancer.

Premium protein powders that have no added sugars don’t mess with your appetite, and don’t cause sugar cravings. On the contrary, they can help you manage hunger pangs more efficiently and will reduce the cravings for sweets in time. They are, therefore, a trustful ally if trying to lose weight, as the less sugar you consume, the less likely you are to store figure-destroying fats.

High quality powders provide useful vitamins and minerals, which contribute to your well-being, and promote a healthier weight by regulating your hormone levels, appetite, energy levels and mood. A good protein powder can prevent emotional eating and help you stay within your recommended daily calorie intake.

Premium protein powders that are organic come from plants that haven’t been treated with fertilized or pesticides, or from animals fed with organic food, and this means they’re free of synthetic growth hormones (rBGH), antibiotics and residues. The best powders on the market provide not only pure protein concentrate or isolate, but also micronutrients and BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids).

High quality powders don’t come with added emulsifiers. Although these ingredients help with mixability, they are usually extracted from genetically modified plants, so they’re not healthy. They add unnecessary carbs and can be loaded with toxic metals.

And last, organic and high quality powders that don’t contain artificial sweeteners are less likely to cause bloating, stomach upset and constipation, so they can be used for long-term without experiencing unpleasant side effects.

Added sweeteners can compromise your weight loss efforts, so if you’re planning to take the powder in order to lose weight, you should stay away from products that contain added sugars, aspartame, sucralose or acesulfame-K. You can, however, opt for a powder that contains stevia, as this is the least harmful sweetener on the market. Stevia is able to provide health benefits with minimum side effects, adds no calories to the powder and it’s the best for weight loss.